Text Logo CreationEasy Guide: How to Create a Text Logo from Scratch

Hello! Starting a business or updating your brand? Here’s a tip – a good-looking text logo really matters. It’s not just about looks; it’s about making a strong impact that your audience remembers. A well-designed text logo can be the key to catching eyes and keeping your brand in minds. Let’s work together to make your brand stand out! I’m Tony Renton, your friend and Creative Director at LogoNow, a premiere Logo Design Agency in Australia. With more than ten years spent creating logos for Australian companies, I’m eager to help you too.

Let’s talk about what a text logo is, how to make one that works, and how to use it in ways that really benefit your brand, how we can help you to create an unique text logo.

1. Understanding Text Logos

A text logo turns your brand name into a memorable piece of art, using only fonts and colors. It’s a simple yet powerful way to express your brand’s personality and values, making it easily recognisable to your audience.

What’s a Text Logo All About?

Imagine taking the name of your business and jazzing it up into an awesome design with just letters and words. Simple, right? It’s all about picking the right font, right color, and laying it out just so. This way, we get to show off what your brand is all about – its vibe, its heart. Trust us, it’s a neat way to tell your story without saying a word.

Why Text Logos are a Win for Aussie Businesses?

  • Easy to Remember: A well-designed text logo ensures your brand name sticks in people’s minds easily.
  • Versatile: It shines across various mediums, from digital spaces like your website to print materials like business cards.
  • Cost-Effective: Creating a text logo is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on impact.
  • Quick Brand Recognition: It aids in achieving swift brand recognition, helping your audience to identify and recall your brand more rapidly.

Showcase of Text Logos That Made Their Mark

Big names like Google and Aussie favorites like Qantas go for text logos, and they’re famous worldwide. This shows how a simple text design can work wonders. Look at Coca-Cola with its special cursive style and FedEx, which sneakily places an arrow between the ‘E’ and ‘x’. These logos show that with the right design, a text logo can become super recognisable and really show what the brand is all about.

Easy Guide: How to Create a Text Logo from Scratch

2. Pre-Design Considerations

Before you draw a single line, pause to think about the character and story of your brand. It’s about choosing symbols and colors that mirror who you are and speak to your audience’s heart. Your design starts with understanding, not just your business, but also the people you serve.

Shaping Your Brand’s Identity

First, think about what your brand stands for. Your logo should show off your brand’s personality and what makes it special. Consider your core values, mission, and the message you want to convey to your audience through your visual identity.

Getting to Know Your Australian Audience

Know who you’re talking to. A logo for a cafe in Melbourne might look different from one for a mining company in Perth. Make sure your logo appeals to your specific customers. Tailoring your design to reflect the tastes and culture of your audience can significantly boost your brand’s appeal and recognition.

3. The Design Process

When designing a text logo, simplicity is often the key to memorability. Aim for a clean design that communicates your brand’s identity at a glance. Remember, a good text logo is not just seen; it speaks to your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

Step 1: Picking the Best Font for You

  • Why Picking the Right Font Matters: Selecting the perfect font is crucial. The way the letters look can tell a lot about your brand, showing if it’s playful, serious, or something different.
  • Choosing Fonts for Text Logos: What They Express: Different fonts carry different messages. Serif fonts give a classic vibe, sans-serif fonts offer a contemporary look, and script fonts add a touch of elegance. Choose one that aligns with your message. The ideal font matches your brand’s character and is clear to read on any device and size, leaving a memorable impact on your viewers.

Step 2: Understanding the Basics of Color

  • Selecting Colors That Reflect Your Brand: Colors carry deep meanings. Green stands for growth, blue for reliability, and yellow for joy. Pick colors that resonate with your brand’s essence.
  • Understanding Color Emotions in Logo Creation: Colors have the power to evoke specific emotions. Opt for colors that align with the feelings you wish to evoke in your customers. It’s crucial to think about the cultural meanings of colors in Australia, as they can vary and impact how your logo is perceived, making sure it sends the correct signals to your viewers.

Step 3: Adding Your Brand’s Character

  • Bringing Your Brand’s Personality to Life in Your Logo: Ensure your logo mirrors your brand’s character. Whether your brand is playful or leans towards a more serious tone, your logo should showcase this.
  • Keeping Your Logo Clear with Proper Spacing and Alignment: Your logo should be simple to read, no matter its size, so it looks good in every place it appears. Using spacing and alignment carefully not only makes your logo more visually attractive but also helps it deliver your brand’s message in a clear and impactful way.

Step 4: Simplification is Key

  • The Art of Minimalism in Text Logos: Keeping it simple can have a big impact. A clear and direct design often becomes timeless and easy to spot.
  • Why Less is Often More in Logo Design: A straightforward logo sticks in people’s minds, which is your goal. When you focus on simplicity, you cut out anything extra. This not only makes your logo easier to remember but also ensures it works well everywhere, from big billboards to small business cards.

Step 5: Getting Feedback and Iterating

  • Valuing Feedback from Various People in Australia: Listen to what others say. Getting thoughts from different people can spark new ideas and refine your logo.
  • Adjusting Your Logo With Feedback in Mind: Stay open to adjustments. The ideal logo usually emerges after several modifications. Remember, using feedback doesn’t mean abandoning your original idea; it means improving your logo so it connects more effectively with more people and more accurately reflects your brand.

4. Completing Your Text Logo

Make sure your logo is easy to see in black and white and still looks good when you make it bigger or smaller. This is the final check before showing your new logo to everyone. Try your logo in different places, like on computers, paper, and products, to be sure it works well everywhere. Getting your text logo right this way means you’ll have a solid and adaptable look for your brand, ready for Australia and the rest of the world.

5. Legal Considerations and Trademarking in Australia

Check if your logo is unique with a quick search to avoid future trouble. Protecting your logo with a trademark keeps it safe from being copied.

  • Why It’s Crucial to Look Out for Trademark Matters: Ensure your logo stands out and isn’t closely resembling any others. A simple verification now can prevent complications down the road.
  • How to Secure a Trademark for Your Logo in Australia: Safeguarding your logo is crucial. By trademarking it, you ensure no one else can use it without your say-so. It’s a valuable step to protect your brand’s identity. We recommend consulting with a trademark attorney to guide you through the process smoothly. This move not only brings peace of mind but also secures your brand’s identity legally for years to come.

6. Using Your Text Logo Effectively

Make sure your logo fits well everywhere it appears, from small screens to large banners. Keep your logo’s look consistent to help people recognize your brand quickly.

  • Guidelines for Ideal Logo Placement from Our Experience: Think of your logo as the face of your brand. We recommend showcasing it prominently on your website, business cards, and storefront to leave a lasting impression.
  • Tailoring Your Logo for Different Platforms: A truly effective logo shines in every setting. We encourage testing it in various contexts to confirm it consistently represents your brand with style. Also, thinking ahead about how your logo will adapt to future branding needs, like social media, marketing pieces, and promotional items, is key. This ensures your brand maintains a unified and impactful presence everywhere it appears.

How We Create Text Logos Just for You at LogoNow

At LogoNow, we’re all about making your brand shine. We understand that your logo is more than just a design; it’s the face of your brand. That’s why we take a personal touch in every logo we create, making sure it tells your story and captures what your brand is all about. Here’s a look into how we do things differently, crafting text logos that are as unique as you and your business.

Getting to Know You and Your Brand

First up, we chat with you. We want to hear all about your business – what drives you, what your values are, and the dreams you have for your brand. This chat helps us get a sense of your style and what makes your brand tick. It’s important to us that your logo reflects who you are and connects with your audience on a personal level.

Sketching Ideas Together

We believe two heads are better than one. That’s why we work with you right from the start, brainstorming ideas and sketching out designs. We’ll show you a bunch of different styles, fonts, and colors, mixing and matching until we find the perfect combo that says “you”. It’s a team effort, and your input is crucial here.

Choosing the Perfect Font and Color

Fonts and colors say a lot. A bold font might shout fun and adventurous, while a soft color can whisper elegance and calm. We spend a lot of time picking out just the right ones to match the personality of your brand. And we always keep it simple so your logo looks good anywhere, from a giant billboard to the corner of a business card.

Bringing in a Bit of Aussie Flair

We love adding a touch of Australia to our designs, whether it’s a color that reminds you of the Outback or a font that feels as breezy as a day at Bondi Beach. It’s all about making your logo feel right at home here, while also standing out and catching eyes.

Polishing Until It’s Perfect

Creating the perfect logo is a bit like fine-tuning a recipe – it needs a pinch of this and a dash of that until it’s just right. We tweak and adjust every detail, making sure your logo is clear, easy to read, and looks amazing wherever you use it. We’re not happy until you’re over the moon with the final design.

Your Story, Your Logo

At the end of the day, it’s all about telling your brand’s story in a way that sticks. We want your logo to be something you’re proud to show off, a design that speaks to your customers, and makes them remember you. With LogoNow, you’re not just getting a logo; you’re getting a piece of your brand’s heart and soul, crafted with care and ready to make its mark in the world.

What Makes a Good Text Logo?

A standout text logo keeps things simple, sticks in memory, and perfectly captures the essence of your brand. We focus on choosing the ideal font and colors that mirror your brand’s personality. Moreover, a truly effective text logo maintains its charm across various sizes, ensuring it’s easily spotted and remembered by your audience. From our experience in crafting logos, we understand the importance of creating a design that speaks directly to the heart of what you stand for.

Text Logos are often seen in these industries:

  • Technology: In the tech world, giants like Google opt for sleek text logos to appear cutting-edge yet approachable.
  • Fashion: The fashion industry, with icons like Calvin Klein, chooses text logos to radiate sophistication and minimalism.
  • Food and Beverage: The food and beverage scene is adorned by timeless pieces like Coca-Cola’s script logo, a testament to the brand’s rich legacy and charm.
  • Retail: Retail spaces, both physical and online, favor text logos for their neat, uncluttered look that sticks in memory.
  • Services: For service-oriented businesses, from banks to consultancy agencies, a crisp text logo is key to building a foundation of trust and expertise.


Crafting a text logo might seem a bit daunting at first, but believe us, it’s an adventure. By following a few key steps, you’re on your way to creating a logo that’s not only visually appealing but also rich in story, perfectly reflecting your brand’s essence. A thoughtfully designed text logo acts as a bridge, connecting you with your audience and carving a distinct and enduring identity for your brand, both in Australia and internationally.

If you’re on the hunt for a professional logo design services in Australia to bring a unique text logo for your brand to life, our team is all ears. Tell us what you’re thinking, and in just 72 hours, we’ll transform your ideas into a text logo that speaks volumes.


1. Why is a text logo important for my business?

A text logo is crucial because it’s the first thing people see related to your brand. It helps them remember and recognise your business easily. Plus, it shows what your brand is all about through design.

2. How do I choose the right font for my text logo?

Think about what your brand stands for. If you’re fun and youthful, a bold and vibrant font might work. For a more serious and traditional vibe, consider a classic serif font. The key is to match the font with your brand’s personality.

3. Can I use any color for my logo?

Yes, but choose wisely. Colors have meanings and can make people feel a certain way. For example, blue can make your brand seem trustworthy, while green might highlight growth or eco-friendliness. Pick colors that fit what your brand means.

4. Do I need to trademark my text logo?

It’s a good idea to trademark your logo to protect your brand. This stops others from using a similar design for their business. It’s best to talk to a trademark attorney to understand the process in Australia.

5. How often should I update my text logo?

Your logo doesn’t need constant changes, but it’s good to review it every few years. This ensures it stays fresh and continues to represent your brand well as it evolves. However, any changes should be thoughtful and align with your brand’s identity.

6. How do I download my text logo with a transparent background?

To download your text logo with a transparent background, look for an option that says “PNG” or “PNG transparent” when saving your logo from the design tool you’re using. Make sure you select this before downloading.

7. What is the standard size of a text logo?

There’s no one-size-fits-all, but a good starting point is about 500 x 500 pixels. This size is big enough for clarity and small enough for easy use on websites and business cards. Remember, you can adjust the size based on where you’re going to use it.

8. What layout works best for text logos?

A simple, clean layout is best. Your business name should be clear and easy to read. Some logos have the name straight across, while others stack the words for a compact look. Choose a layout that makes your logo memorable and easy to recognise.

9. Can I edit my text logo after creating / downloading it?

Yes, you can edit your text logo. If you keep the original design file, you can reopen it in your design software and make changes. If you downloaded your logo as an image, you might need to use a graphic editor or return to the design tool you used to create adjustments. Always save an editable version of your logo for easy updates.


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